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A Healthy Eating Plan that Works

April 30, 2017

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Lift Weights, Lift Heavy


Woohoo it's almost officially summer!  Time to get shredded, ripped, and feeling awesome! I'm about to lead a 14 day Summer Mind & Body Shred (yes, the mind is just as important for success as doing the workouts!) So how do you get some muscle definition? Let's explore!



Understanding how muscles work will help you incorporate the appropriate lifting into your program so that you see desired results.  Muscle growth, or muscle hypertrophy, describes an increase in the size of the fibers that make up our muscles.  Extreme muscle hypertrophy, think bodybuilder, is typically stimulated by performing up to 3 or more exercises per body part, and doing at least 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions: which means doing at least 120 lifts for just one body part!  Bodybuilders spend hours in the gym each day getting their bodies to look the way they do, and unless you plan on doing 120 variations of the biceps curl, you don’t have to worry about getting bulky. 


Toned, Not Big

Muscle hypertrophy is still a necessary component for looking toned, but on a smaller scale.  Achieving a toned body results from increasing muscle size and subsequently decreasing body fat.  This is accomplished by exercising large groups of muscles with moderately heavy weights, or uniquely challenging body weight exercises.   Moderately heavy refers to a weight that can only be lifted 12 times, for 3 sets.  Interspersing high intensity exercises like jumping jacks or running in place between lifting will maximize fat loss at the same time. 


It’s also important to keep challenging yourself- with heavier weights, more reps, or new exercises. Luckily, I’m very good at coming up with new programs and exercises to keep your challenged!


Bone Health

Lifting moderately heavy weights is also an essential component of osteoporosis prevention.  With sufficient loads, muscles pull on the bones they are attached to and signal the bone to grow stronger.  So get lifting!


What to do??

Don’t fear the heavier weights. If you are 6 months into your routine and still busting out 30 reps with a 2 pound weight, bump that ish up!  Grab a 10 pounder, aim for 12 reps, and adjust if necessary.  And guess what? With proper loading and exercises you can still stimulate the muscle defining process just using body weight. But you do have to push hard and challenge yourself. 


The 14 Day Shred Starts May 31st, 2017. Contact me to see if it's the program for you.  But I can garauntee, if you are looking to get healthy, feel strong, and learn how to live better, this IS the program for you :) 

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